Itchy, Burning, Dry Eyes / Treatment for Blepharitis 

Blepharitis basically means inflammation of the eyelids. Oil is a normal component of the tear film. It is produced in oil glands that are located in the thickest part of the eyelids. These oil glands release the oil onto the eyelid margin. The eyelid margin is the flat part of the eyelid just behind the eyelashes. This oil may harden and granulate on the eyelid margin or form a collar of debris around the base of the eyelashes. The bacteria that normally live on your skin like to live in this oily debris. The toxins produced by the bacteria make the symptoms worse. Typically, people who have blepharitis also experience blurred vision with activities such as reading, sewing, or using a computer. When they do these activities, they have a tendency to blink less, and their eyes dry out faster. Blepharitis is a chronic condition with no magic cure.

The most common blepharitis treatments may include a regimen of eyelid hygiene, artificial tears, and sometimes antibiotics.

Dr. Yavitz has a patent pending office procedure which relieves the blocked oil glands of the lids and improves symptoms almost immediately.

If you have itchy, burning eyes and have had no luck with dry eyes treatments, call the Yavitz Eye Center.


Close up photo of dry eyelid margin

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