Corneal Transplantation

A wise man once said "The eyes are the mirror of the soul." While that view may have been eclipsed by modern science, the cornea indeed is the "window" of the eye.

In the illustration to the right, the cornea can be seen at the top of the drawing. The human cornea is the clear window through which we all perceive the world. It is designed to last us a lifetime, but with aging, inherited diseases, surgery or trauma, our cornea can lose its clarity. In these cases often the only way to restore useful vision is by corneal transplantation.

In this delicate surgery, the patient's diseased cornea is removed, and a clear cornea from a donor is sewn onto the patient's eye. With time and healing the donated cornea grows into the host's eye and thus clear vision is restored. Corneal transplant surgery is among the most widely done and successful of all transplantation surgeries in medicine. With DSEK by transplanting only the diseased portion of the cornea recovery times are dramatically shorter.

Dr. Edward Yavitz has done hundreds of successful corneal transplants over the years, restoring vision to many satisfied people. He has even designed and patented instruments for performing this delicate surgery. Let him put his experience to work for you. Make an appointment to be evaluated for a corneal transplant by our excellent staff of board certified physicians today.

Corneal Transplantation

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