Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK)

Refractive surgery is surgical correction of the eye which involves reshaping the cornea in order to alleviate the need for glasses to see at distance. LASIK is one of several surgical techniques used for the correction of myopia and astigmatism. LASIK can be performed even after cataract surgery to eliminate the need for glasses.

LASIK is a laser eye surgery procedure which combines excimer laser with the use of an automated lamellar corneal keratome to treat farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism.

Step 1: A thin layer of cornea is precisely sculpted and folded back using the microkeratome.

Step 2: Using an excimer laser, an exact amount of corneal tissue is removed within seconds.

Step 3: The hinged flap of corneal tissue is folded back into place allowing it to adhere without the need for stitches.

Dr. Yavitz has taught LASIK around the world and several patents for devices used to make LASIK a safer, more predictable surgery. We use the NIDEK excimer laser which is the only slit beam scanning laser which can be adjusted for pupil size out to 9mm. Many other lasers used today have a fixed treatment diameter of 6.5mm. If your pupils are 6mm or more at night, that leads to halos, glare and reduced night vision.

Nidek's Excimer Laser EC-5000 and Wavefront Analysis

Wavefront Analysis is a new way to measure how the eye focuses light. It is a major innovation that provides Dr. Yavitz with more precise, comprehensive data on the patient's visual performance. Wavefront data goes beyond Snellen acuity that is read on an eye chart, and brings vision correction technology into the 21st century. By utilizing this data, vision can be optimized to be generally sharper, as well as clearer in dim light.

Nidek 3D measurements are taken and multiple detailed maps are compiled which describe the optical performance of the eye. This information is used to guide the laser treatment.

Dr. Yavitz regularly performs over 200 LASIK eye surgeries per month. If you have questions regarding this procedure please contact us. Read one woman's LASIK experience.

Consider the experience of the Yavitz Eye Center. We provide you with a conservative evaluation of what to expect from your refractive correction. A decision regarding your vision should be based on experience, information, and choice. To help you understand a few of the criteria we will review and evaluate before making a decision regarding LASIK visit our eligibility page.


LASIK Testimonial

I've needed vision correction since I was eight years old. Soft lenses did not correct my vision very well, and glasses were always a bother.  Like many other baby boomers, it was becoming more difficult for me to read or focus on near objects. This is an age-related vision problem known as presbyopia. 

I started researching refractive surgery several years ago. The benefits of the procedure sounded wonderful, but there was always that fear of losing what sight I already had.  Several co-workers had refractive surgery performed at Edward Yavitz Eye Center and were very happy with the results. In April, at the age of 47, I decided to go in for a consultation. The staff at the EYE Center performed a very thorough exam and said I was a candidate for a procedure called LASIK.

On May 2, I had LASIK performed on both eyes and I am thrilled with the results.  Dr. Yavitz performed "mono-vision," where one eye is fully corrected for distance vision and the other eye is slightly under-corrected for reading. The improvement was immediate, and my corrected vision is better than it was with my contact lenses.  The procedure was easy and painless.  I was even able to go back to work the day after the procedure. 

The freedom from glasses and contacts that I am experiencing now can be truly appreciated by any nearsighted person.  Seeing the alarm clock in the morning, the leaves on the trees, and street signs seems so simple, but it is wonderful!  Now I wonder why I waited so long. If you have been considering refractive surgery, I urge you to contact the Edward Yavitz Eye Center for a consultation.

Close up cornea image

Patient's vision is tested

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